Succession And Estate Administration

Skilled Succession And Estate Administration

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, the enormity of dealing with the succession process can be too much to handle. With the law firm of Michael A. Betts at your side, you can ensure that all details of estate administration are taken care of, reducing your worry and stress.

Trusted Succession Services

Even if the deceased has a valid will, a judicial succession process is likely required to settle the estate. Our firm can advise you of all the specifics of a Louisiana succession, including:

  • What assets can pass to beneficiaries outside of the succession
  • If your loved one’s estate can qualify for a succession alternative
  • If the estate needs resolution through the succession without administration or succession with full administration process

Personalized Legal Solutions

If assets are mainly held in another state, but there are some assets in Louisiana, our firm can handle the details of ancillary probate. We make sure to explain any options you may have in the estate administration process and can advise preferable approaches for your individual situation.

Here For You During Tough Times

For decades, clients in Livingston Parish and Baton Rouge have benefited from the knowledgeable succession services that Michael A. Betts provides. We deliver compassionate and comprehensive legal services at a difficult time.

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It is normal not to know where to start in estate administration. We are here to help. Give the firm of Michael A. Betts a call at (225) 508-3217 to schedule an initial consultation, or contact us online.